Week In Review – 9 Jan 2022

It’s a chilly week after the New Year, and the snow is finally melting here at Washington DC area. Who would have thought the snow caused a snow emergency. Luckily no one lost their life in the emergency, unlike a similar weather story that happened in Pakistan.

While our individual situations and circumstances are unique, living within any society means we must learn to adapt to the the larger context. Simply put there are rules we must follow. How much to change is best guided by our conscience.

That is why politicians have the unenviable job of finding common ground among their constituents. Because given a choice, people tend not to agree.  The case is exemplified by our less than stellar Coronavirus response in the US.  The pandemic is unrelenting going into its third years despite mass vaccinations.

And once again, the virus is putting our healthcare infrastructures at risk. Yes, different world leaders have tried different tact. China poses an interesting case.  With its sweeping lockdown and zero tolerance policy, will it be ready to host the Winter Olympics less than a month away?

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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