Making A “Positive” Difference

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When I visited this topic back in 2017, pandemic was a dictionary term for me.  Now, the Coronavirus pandemic is entering its third year.  Time to revisit this topic.  Is “making a difference” still relevant or even possible? Have I just been getting by or doing something else?

Safe to say that given the context of the pandemic, life in general has been miserable, or at least unpleasant. Therefore, not only that making a difference is still relevant, I feel a “positive” difference would be important. Because we need it. And below are my dialogue questions:

  1. What are my ends in mind? Not going to lie. The first year was terrifying for me.  Hoping to get through it was about all I wished for.  The second year I wanted to learn about the virus along with how to deal with it.  This year, I am going to master it.
  2. How do I know if I am getting there? The first year was a sacrifice. We passed the holiday family gathering to be cautious.  The second year we got together with limited family members for the holidays. This year, we will carry our “normal” activities to the extent possible.
  3. Are my time spent worthwhile?  A qualified maybe for the first year (lots of trials and errors as information about the Coronavirus was sketchy); a qualified yes for the second year; and shooting for a definite yes this year.
  4. Are my family needs being served?  Under the pandemic, relational needs have taken a backseat.  In many instances, it has been sacrificed in place of safety concerns. Speaking for myself, a definite maybe. 
  5. Are my health indicators (weight, blood pressures, etc.) on target? Interesting enough, my health indicators have stayed within their normal ranges.  This is without my marathon training for the past two years. Does that mean I have been able to adapt my life style?

This much I know: the Covid-19 will still be with us for a long while. In fact, all around as its variants continue to wreak havoc. Wherever I go, it’s there. Only difference is the severity. Be that as it may, my positive difference is that I will not only survive but thrive in spite of it.  

What difference has your life been under the pandemic?

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