The Storm Is Coming!

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The wind outside is kicking up and howling. An impending winter storm is coming. Just in time to spoil this MLK holiday weekend. People are however carrying on with their lives as if the meteorological warning is for somewhere else. After all, this is Washington DC.

For me, I have been trying to shake off this nagging cough in the past few days. The coughs bother my wife perhaps more than me. Except, I don’t look forward to the inclement weather on top of it. I get a chill in my core whenever the wind howls. It reminds me to get more hot teas to keep my throat moist and myself toasty.

Armed with Netflix, HBO, and the likes, I am content to be stowed away and not deal with the nasty conditions outside. But there are folks whose jobs involve interacting outdoors such as delivery or mail person, police, and real estate agents. Comes with the territory, I suppose.

Just a word of advice – be prepared if you must venture out.  Last time when it snowed here, hundred of commuters got stuck on the Interstate overnight for many hours. What a miserable way to spend the holiday.

Are you ready for the  weekend?

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