Week In Review – 16 Jan 2022

Next Thursday will mark President Biden’s first anniversary in the office. Already, critics are commenting on whether he has made a difference in a year’s time. Specifically, they mean a “positive” difference. Defenders of Biden claim anyone from Trump is positive. Detractors point to the Covid-19 cases as proof of the contrary.

An obvious strategy between each side is controlling the narrative for the upcoming mid-term elections. Painting Biden as ineffective gives the opposing party an opportunity to takeover both houses of the Congress. And they do so by douse fuel on voters’ impatience. Which side wins has a lot to do with the Biden’s administration’s progress in the next few months.

While the pundits can debate all they want, one thing is certain – it is cold in Washington DC. Snow, sleet, and gusty wind are posing serious road hazard to commuters.  The last snow storm left hundreds stuck in traffic over night. Luckily, Monday is the MLK holiday. Thus less likely the history will  repeat. The real winners belong to those who already had a winter escape.

Lastly, change and growth maybe our best hope for human kind.  But a lot of that outcome depend on whether the people in the trenches can persist and not giving up. I am bullish on that faith.  How about you? 

Stay safe and have a nice week

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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