We Are Losing To China!

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Not in economy or military might, but worse – in public trust!

That’s according to the Edelman Trust Barometer which has been conducting global polling on people’s trust toward their governments, media, non-governmental organizations, and business for 22 years. Two traditional sources of information, the government and media, were hit hardest by the Coronavirus, because of how they responded to the pandemic.

For sure, everyone wants the pandemic to be over.  On that count, government leaders around the world are losing people’s trust in their handling of the Covid-19 as the pandemic enters its third year.  But in particular, the different forms of government and their approaches srender different levels of public trust. Noteworthy is that the governments running democracies are doing much worse than the autocratic governments. Reuters reports:

The biggest losers of public trust over the last year were institutions in Germany, down 7 points to 46, Australia at 53 (-6), the Netherlands at 57 (-6), South Korea at 42 (-5) and the United States at 43 (-5).

By contrast, public trust in institutions in China stood at 83%, up 11 points, 76% in United Arab Emirates (+9) and 66% in Thailand (+5).

This “collapse” of trust in the democracies stems from the inconsistency between their words and actions of the government. Specifically, policy and its execution.  The US leads the world in daily Covid-19 deaths reported. Is that the prize of our democracy?  We can mock China’s “Zero-Covid” policy as being unrealistic and autocratic. But the data seems irrefutably in their favor.

Do you agree with the survey that our public trust has reached a new low?

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1 Response to We Are Losing To China!

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I would be highly skeptical of any survey results from China.
    They track how people walk down the street and give them a score.
    Do you think anyone in China is going to honestly say their government is less than perfect? I was surprised they only got an 83% approval rating.
    Still, 83% is a Soviet era level of approval. 😉

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