Tensions Around The World

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China is trying to keep its zero-Covid strategy viable through  the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics (Opening will be in 10 days). The Chinese Communist Party wants to prove that it can win against the virus.

Ukraine is trying to defend itself against the mounting Russian military presence at its border.  Situation is getting bad, and  the White House is urging American citizens in Ukraine to leave.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fighting to keep his job. This may sound personal. But given the Brexit and other linkages the Brits are deeply engaged in, the impact could be  felt all over. 

On top of all these, the Coronavirus pandemic is still with us – no sign of receding. The Omicron variant is not the end, warned the World Health Organizations.

Unfortunately, the list goes on. But the above-mentioned ones are significant enough, their outcomes have general global interests. So what’s the point?

Yes, I understand that conflict is part of life. It exists as long as people are around. What I couldn’t help to wonder is how many of these conflicts/ crises are self induced?

How would they end depends on largely the respective leaders themselves. Will they live to our expectation, disappointment, or wildest imagination?

What do you think?



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