What Is A Good Run?

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Obviously, what constitutes a good run varies as much as number of runners.  If you say a PR (Personal Record) is a good run,  I wouldn’t quibble with that.  But how often do we achieve PR?  Not to mention, lots of runs that may not be your fastest but still qualify as good runs.

First, let me spell out what would not be a good run for me:   Getting injured, bad weather, equipment failure, getting lost, dehydration, cramping  are among the top causes on my list.  Usually when they happen, my run would turn out not so good. Thankfully, that has happened less and less.  

If I were to summarize it, a good run to me is when I am having fun. Yes, having fun. I would be enjoying the process whether it is running on a  gorgeous day that I am happily immersed in the outdoor, an awesome route where the scenery or the terrain takes my breath away, or having a super conversation with a partner that I don’t want it to end.

In all cases, a good run leaves me feeling renewed and satisfied.  That’s a good run.

What’s a good run to you?

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