Never Lose Hope

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The other day, I gave examples around world that are under tensions. After giving more thoughts, I want to elaborate on the conclusion from that post.

Sure, each world leader is dealing with their respective challenges. Rightfully so, that is why they got the jobs.  While outcomes do depend on which path the leaders take to address the challenges, I don’t want to imply that is the only choice we have (i.e. relying on the leaders).

What other choices do we have, you ask?

For one, leaders can’t lead if they don’t have people’s trust (the very problem that Mr. Boris Johnson is facing). Even when we put our trust in our leaders’ hand, each of us is still the master of our own fate in terms of what we choose to believe, to trust, or to behave.

If we don’t like the leader, replace him or her.  If we have enemy, defend our country by fighting the enemy.  If we want our country to succeed, support its policies. It may not be easy, but it is that simple.  The point is we are in the driver seat. The seed of hopes resides with us. Never lose it.

How are you keeping your hopes up?

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