The World According Whom?

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In trying to understand what’s going on in the world, I take in quite a bit of the headlines on various topics. Trouble is these headlines tell a narrative that I may or may not believe. For instance, is Omicron peaking or not?  I understand that news media like any business have to sell newspaper to survive. But what is really going on?

As long as I keep an open mind, I am okay to be vulnerable to influences in exchange for a better understanding. This caveat is however easier said than done.  Because at times I get caught up in the narratives and allow them to dominate my thought or mood. In other words, I get suckered.

Truth be told that the news media report on the world, but they are  not the world.  There are many sides to a story. Even the trusted sources can at best represent only a subset of it. Their viewpoints should always be examined with a gut check,  Does it make sense  by bouncing against our own understanding.

If it does not, do more homework. Chances are more is untold. 

How do you gauge your reality?

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