Strategy For Uncertainties

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Life is full of uncertainties. If and when we get complacent – thinking that we got things figured out – life threw us a curve ball, putting us back in our places. Coronavirus is such example. Going on its third year and with over 5.6 million lives lost, we still don’t know how the pandemic is going to take us.

Regardless, an effective pandemic response requires universal solutions.  China is however plowing ahead under a different drumbeat.  It’s called  zero-Covid strategy. With the Lunar New Year and the Winter Olympics kicking-off next week, the Chinese Communist Party has the eyes of the world watching to see if its policy will hold.

The China’s Lunar New Year has been traditionally the “largest annual human migration” when workers go home to celebrate the new year with families. And the Winter Olympics brings more than 2,900 athletes from 91 countries together.  Seems like a perfect storm and  the odds not on the CCP side.

In any event, I give the CCP credit for being proactive with its zero-Covid strategy and wish them success in the coming weeks. 

Do you think the zero-Covid strategy will work?

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