Week In Review – 30 Jan 2022

Last week of January means height of winter or summer depending on which half of the hemisphere you are in.  Either case, one thing common is the uncertainty remains toward the Coronavirus which is going on its third year.

People crave for stability.  And leaders are obliged and often promise to deliver such outcome.  The Chinese Communist Party as an example is set to prove that they can handle the Coronavirus and the Winter Olympics at the same time. An ambitious order, and we shall see if they succeed in the coming weeks.

In addition to China, other leaders are facing increasing tensions that challenge their skills. Political calculations, the tools of trade, are on full  display.  Even so, nobody seems to know what will happen. This is what sets the Chinese zero-Covid strategy apart. They are going full engagement but at what costs?

So the question becomes how much does stability worth? Given that growth requires temporary instability, how much are people willing to endure or sacrifice? No easy answers will suffice.  But any good run is bound to have a few bumps along the way.  And we shall never lost hope because of that.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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