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You know what I am talking about.  We are surrounded by noises all the time.  

Be it cars zipping down the street, sirens from the ambulance, howling sound from the wind outside, or angry curses, frustrating condemnations, disappointing regrets within. Where is a moment of peace?

When the decibel level rises, it’s easier to tune out the external ones. Ear plugs, noise cancelation headsets, or artificial white noise like the favorite music will do the trick. But the noises inside of us are a different story. Much more insistent and harder to ignore.

When encountering such internal noises, I try to meditate when possible. Otherwise, I focus on my breathing. Not trying to cancel the noise but to calm myself before the noises get the worst of me. The consequence could be ugly.

Does it always work? No. But I try nonetheless.

How do you deal with the noises in your life?

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