Kim Potter’s Sentencing – Is Justice Served?

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Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter was handed a two years sentence (16 months in prison & 8 months of supervised release) yesterday by Judge Regina Chu. Potter mistook her service revolver for a taser and killed Daunte Wright, a young black man, at the traffic stop.

No question that Potter who is white was convicted by a jury in December of last year. What controversial was the two year sentence by Judge Chu. The judgement is a significant downward departure from the Minnesota state sentencing guideline and the District Attorney’s recommendation of 7 years.

Chu’s decision based on her compassion and empathy toward the Potter’s mistake, albeit well intended, flies in the face of Wright family’s emotion truth, nor does it sit squarely with those who are serving greater sentences for lesser crimes.

Fairness is what people want and expect. Chu’s 20 years on the bench not withstanding, her decision jeopardizes the sentencing guidelines and the people’s trust in our judicial system. Instead of reconciliation, we get divisiveness. 

Do you agree with Judge Chu’s decision?

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