Week In Review – 20 Feb 2022

It’s over. The Beijing Winter Olympics had its closing ceremony today. Hats off to China for pulling this event off in spite of Covid-19 pandemic and other international tensions.

In contrast, vaccine skeptics are alive and kicking in both the US and  Canada. What a cultural difference on display between the East and West.  I wonder that if Kim Potter would get the same sentencing in China?  

But one thing we definitely have, and no one else does, is the Aloha State of Hawaii. No matter when, it’s such a coveted travel destination, let alone during winter escape. When I visited there, all my noises were left behind, far and far away.

Was it a case of mind over body or the other way around? I haven’t quite figured it out. But this much I know, the ambience of this tropical paradise does foster a charmer social connection where people seems friendlier. 

Stay safe & have a nice week

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