A Rich Life (Non-Monetary)

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Every departure is a bitter-sweet moment, my wife reminded me as we boarded our flight. I couldn’t have agreed more with her. There is an end to every party, visit, or relationship. Friends and memories get left behind. When will we meet again? Until the next time?

Who knows, in this uncertain world with unanswerable questions like when will the Covid-19 end, what will happen  with the global warming, etc. No promises nor guaranties on what will happen next. Nonetheless, it’s  bitter-sweet because we have given ourselves – in time, energy, and affection toward others.

Fond memories? Precious moments? Yes and yes. Even though we may never meet again, we shared the rich moments together. Albeit, life is transient, shouldn’t we be generous with what we have, and share them unselfishly with others? That’s all we can ask and give in return for a rich life.

What is a rich life to you?

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