The Invasion Of Ukraine

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Well, Putin is doing it. What will the US and the rest of the world do? But more importantly what will President Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian people do?

Throughout the last couple of weeks, President Zelensky has insisted that the 190,000 Russian troops surrounding the Ukrainian borders will not invade.  He is either really smart or just joking. 

In any events, the fact remains that Ukraine has to defend itself regardless who can or will come to its aid.  And I wish the Ukrainians are ready, and they have not squandered away their precious time on hoping others to the rescue.

Certainly, the rest of us can not sit idle and allow the Russian to invade Ukraine, or for that matter any country, in the name of “peacekeeping.” Putin has made good on his intent.  Now the ball is in our court.

How long do you think the Russian aggression toward Ukraine will last?

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