On Challenging Ourselves


Challenge oursleves by doing the hard stuffs may not be popular, but it is necessary.

The obvious question, why bother to challenge oursleves? Isn’t life hard enough already? The answer is:  by challenging ourselves we are preparing for life. Otherwise, failure is almost a guaranty.

It is human nature to take the path of least resistance. If so, no progress will likely to happen. Typically, a need precedes any innovations. But what caused that need? Changes.

If we’re not prepared, our lives will be still horse and buggy, or worse. Nevermind about putting people in the space.

Hard stuffs do not have to be leaping over tall buildings. Simpler tasks like getttng up ealier, incremental exercise, or cutting back on junk foods will do. As we become proficient, our hard things can move accordingly.

Agian, why do we challenge ourselves? To prepare for life. Because in life you get out what you put in.

Do you believe in challenging yourself?

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