International Arm Wrestling?

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Putin wants to neuter Ukraine so it will not be a security threat to Russia. This should make other nearby countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc. nervous.

Putin’s logic makes as much sense as me de-arming my neighbors by taking away their kitchen knives, scissors, and baseball bats to make myself feel safer.

But who knows. We are talking about international geopolitics.

That’s why, I am baffled by the economic sanctions that Mr. Biden (and others) are introducing in retaliation to the Russia’s aggression.

Perhaps these sanctions will in the long run hurt the aggressor, but they are not changing their aggressive behaviors right now.

Yes, sanctions are better than condemnations which are strong words without teeth. But are sanctions effective? Meanwhile the patient (Ukraine in this case) is bleeding from the neutering.

What do you think will make Putin back down?

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