Thinking About Ukraine

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It is Friday. As this last week of February drawing closers to the end, instead of what to do this weekend, my thought is with the Ukrainians. What they are facing under the brutal Russian invasion.

Ukrainian President Zelensky is leading his people firing back at Putin and the Russian troops. His messages as well as presence are vital in the forces against the Russian invaders, both symbolically and spiritually.

However, as valiantly as that may be, it will not be enough to fend off the Russian troops.

Earlier today, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) agreed to send its Response Forces to the eastern front to bolster its defense against possible Russian incursion.  

However, Ukraine is not a NATO member but has applied to do so. That decision does not sit well with Putin hence the Russian invasion.  

So, what will happen this weekend? Will the Russian troops overtake Kiev, the Ukrainian capital? Will Mr. Zelensky be able to hold out?  And What will the US do besides sanctions?

Do you think the NATO should impose a No-fly Zone over Ukraine?


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