Week In Review – 27 Feb 2022

A historical week, this has been.

On Tuesday, Russia President Putin sent troops into Eastern Ukraine under the guise of “peacekeeping.” Then he followed up two days later, on Thursday, dropping the pretense, and launched a full assault on his neighboring country Ukraine. 

For all intents and purposes, the Russian invasion started on the Tuesday.  And the war of Ukraine began on the Thursday.  Today counts as the Day 4 of the war. And I have been incessantly following the updates and developments for the duration. 

Having the Ukraine on my mind means I am not alone. The world is watching. Social & news media are abuzz with how long will the Ukraine hold out, what will Putin do next, and the US & allies? I am fortunate for not have experienced war in my lifetime. This is my first and closest.

Oddly, the same sky between SoCal and Kyiv shadows vast different challenges people are facing. And I could not even begin to understand why.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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