The Ukrainian Resistance

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Something surprising and yet inspiring about the Ukrainian resistance efforts that is holding off the Russian invasion from taking the Ukraine Capital City of Kyiv and elsewhere.  It is a lesson in people‘s will – if there is a will, there is a way.

The Russians never thought they would be fighting not only the Ukrainian military but also the Ukrainian people. You see, the Russian has amassed 190 to 200 thousand troops, with superior equipment and training, against the Ukraine‘s fewer than 200 thousand active-duty military personnel.

It was supposed to be a slam-dunk for Putin.  A surgical strike to the Kyiv and replace the Ukraine president with one who is a Russian supporter.  What Putin failed to realize is the resolve of the Ukrainian people.  They are in the millions – motivated to fight and defend their homeland.

Not saying the Russian military is weak.  Only that they are encountering resistances far greater than anticipated.  The people of Ukraine has the will to fight and has thus far holding off the invading Russian troops. 

With the aids in arms and supplies from outside, the Ukraine people are teaching the Russian Goliath a lesson: don’t underestimate the people.  

What’s your take on the Ukrainian resistance?

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