Transition Home From Travel

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Due to my recent travel and change of time and space, I have been in transition mode – albeit slowly adjusting, on purpose.  The strategy has allowed me to acclimate myself from place to place with minimum hiccup (for the most part). Of course, there is no place like home.

For instance, yesterday (1 March) was the Fat Tuesday and State of the Union, among other things. But I was catching up on my mail and going over the tax documents.  And these events had slipped my mind. Almost (I was able to watch the second half of Mr. Biden’s State of the Union speech). Never mind about the Fat Tuesday.

Admittedly, gone are the days when I used to multitask, travel red-eyed, or think myself was invincible. Trying to bite off more than I can chew? Being there. Done that. And don’t care for it any more. I prefer instead to go slow and easy. Just try to enjoy the moment.

Got any transition strategy that works well for you?


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