Body & Mood

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Want to improve your mood? Take care of your body first.

Mediation often focuses on our minds. To calm or to observe the “monkey” mind as the saying goes. But I believe it is our body that speaks louder and influences our mood much  more than the mind.  Don’t think so? 

Recall when you were sick, hungry or tired, when your body was under duress, how well can you concentrate on or be mindful of the moment? What would your mind think if I suck the air out of the room?

Even during meditation practice, breathing is commonly used to relax our body. So we can focus what’s on our mind. It is our body that sways our mood. The mind. in my view, comes later. Best to first take care our body. So we’re in a decent mood, and let the mind  wonders.

What would you suggest on improving the mood?

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