Taking Side Is Easy?

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Funny how things work. Taking side can be a tricky and political decision. Or not.

The United Nations general assembly voted on Wednesday to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (141 for, 5 against, and 35 abstain). The 5 against were Russia, Syria, Belarus, North Korea, and Eritrea. It was a slam dunk on Putin. Easy-peasy, right?

Here is a hypothetical scenario: if my wife and mother-in-law were arguing, and I did not side with my wife, what do you think my dinner would be? Even if I agreed with my mother-in-law, taking side with my wife would better serve my self interest.

No need to be righteous about it. Any married person can understand the logic. Interestingly, with close relations like a wife, abstaining is not a good option. It is just as bad as taking the other’s side. Neutrality does not pay in those cases.

What would you do? Take side or stay neutral?

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