Week In Review – 6 Mar 2022

The Ukraine invasion by the Russian bully is in its second week. And its development has pretty much dominated the news and social media. So when the trucker’s freedom convoy, a copycat of the Canadian Trucker Protest, hit the Washington DC beltway today, not much disruption was reported. For that I am grateful and wish if only everyone can be as civilized.

Frankly, conflict resolution takes many forms from non-violent protest to the opposite. Unfortunately, as much as I prefer the non-violent options, Vladimir Putin does not.  He gave the Ukrainian people little choice but to take up arms in defending themselves. The brutality the Russian invaders exhibited speaks volume about the cruelty of war.

Majority of the world condemns Russia’s behavior.  However, talk is cheap.  After all is said and done, the Ukrainian people are the ones taking the brunt of the consequences, including shelling, destruction, and lost of lives. Outpouring of supports from the West in terms of weapons, foods, and shelters are encouraging. But will that be enough?

As I followed the latest on the war, I couldn’t help to get a bit antsy. Still transitioning from my recent travel, my body & mood are slow in adapting. But by experience, I know it is best for me not to rush.  The desired outcome will come eventually including my fitness level.  Hope the same for the Ukrainian people.   

Stay safe & Have a nice week


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