This Crazy Weather, Part 2

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Between me and the weather, one of us is going crazy.

Yesterday (Sunday), the Washington DC area was hit by a record heat with temperature near 80 degree Fahrenheit. (Previous record was 70 back in 2004). But the real crazy part  about this weather is what comes behind the heat – a cold spill.

You see, the forecast has our area temperatures falling rapidly on Monday and Tuesday with Wednesday’s high only in the low 40s. Yes, you read it correctly.  A 40 degree drop. If true, it is sickening, literally and figuratively.

Huge temperature swing like that (e.g. from hot to cold) brings large air movements that are characterized by high winds and heavy rains. And already today, the winds has been hollering since this morning while the temperature has dropped to the low-70’s.

As crazy as the weather may seem, its effect on the people can’t be ignored. Simply put, the weather affects our body which influences our mood.  Even though some contend that the weather is what it is, and there is nothing they can do to change it. I beg to differ.

Well, for starter, we can pay better attention to the change and try to adapt proactively.  So we are not caught off-guard. We can also work to improve our carbon footprint to minimize the greenhouse effect.  Or . . .

Certainly, I don’t want to be the one who is crazy. 

Part 1, here.

What do you think about the weather?

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