On Physical Reality, Part 3

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Physical reality is where we plant our feet. Where we can touch and feel our surroundings. Where we set our frame of reference. It is where one is.

If you leave or lose where you are, you are taking an absence from your physical reality. Ideally, a temporary break. No one can survive long without their physical reality. Food, water, air, shelter, etc. are examples of the necessities that ground us.

As superfluous as this may sound, it is vital not to lose touch with one’s physical reality.  Yes indeed. A quick review of The milkmaid and her pail from the Aesop’s Fables illustrates this very point.

In real life, however many of us commit the same mistake, just like the milkmaid. Not only that but again and again. Be it daydreaming, mental escape, preoccupation, or whatever the situation that fits the excuse, we lose touch with our physical reality.

When Vladimir Putin waged a war on Ukrainian civilians, did he lose touch with his physical reality? 

Part 2, here.

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