Beyond The Ukrainian War

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Current situation in Ukraine is bad. The Russian invasion is making the country a hell on earth. Destruction of life, property, social infrastructure, and semblance of society are the brutal reality orchestrated by Russian President Vladimir Putin started three weeks ago.

One thing Putin did not anticipate was the Ukraine people’s resolve to fight back. What Putin called a “Specialized Military Operation” is, a weekend operation turning into a protracted war. Hence the revised scorching tactic by Russia intended to destroy the Ukraine people’s will.

As-is costs of the war are high for both sides. They will only be higher if continuing with the current course. And will the Russia be safer than prior to the invasion? I seriously doubt it.

If Putin is going after a win at any costs, he has already lost it because what he faces is a lose-lose proposition, sanctions not withstanding.  

What is possible beyond the current reality in Ukraine?

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