Week In Review – 13 Mar 2022

Daylight saving time begins today for most of the US. It is a ritual that is to me more inconvenient than practical.  But in comparison to the folks in Ukraine, I am willingly accepting this inconvenience as a part of the democracy I live in.  My little rant is really a privilege that comes with it.

In that regard, everything is relative. A lot depends on one’s physical reality. In the dead of winter where I am, 50 degree Fahrenheit feels warm. What drives me, and surely others, crazy are the swings from high to low, peace to war, normal to abnormal. 

In the same token, the Ukraine people have done nothing wrong to Russia.  They don’t deserve this war laid on them.   In fact, nobody does. Russian President Putin has put himself on the same despised category as the pandemic if not worse.  Our response to him must be a “No.”

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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