Repeating History?

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“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”   ~ Winston Churchill

As the Ukraine war enters its second month, many are wondering what would it take for Vladimir Putin to stop the war? The answer lies in the eerie resemblance between Putin’s push to invade Ukraine and what Hitler did back in 1938.

Ambitious empire-builders have always taken the stage of Europe. World War I & II have taught us lessons that we aim for peace but must prepare for war to maintain that peace. Hence the formation of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) after the WW II.

Clearly, Putin will not stop until he gets what he wants which is restoring the glory of the former Soviet Union. No negotiation will satisfy him. Annexing the Ukraine may pacify him a short while, but it will not satisfying him. Onto Modova, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc. The writing is on the wall.

So what would it take to stop Putin? The answer is this: Putin must be defeated, like the Hitler before him.

Why would Putin stop after Ukraine if he is undefeated?

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