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If you haven’t heard them already  .  .  .

In the morning, I did my usual reading of the news. And the top three news for me were: temperature today is only in the low 30’s Fahrenheit (low temp in the 20’s), while visiting Poland this past weekend Mr. Biden said that Putin got to go, and Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscar last night. 

First thing first – the weather.  How did the old man winter sneak back in? We are near end of March, and this brutal wind and arctic chill weather is killing me. Think about all the cherry blossoms that are getting blown away. On top of the global warming, I really feel sorry for the plants that are confused. Who can blame them?

Okay, President Biden’s exact words spoken in Poland was, “for God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”  Personally, I am in a hundred and twenty percent agreement with him. However, being the President of the most powerful nation in the world, Biden does not have the luxury of speaking his mind freely. His nine words shifted the focus from defending democracy to regime change.

Last and probably the least was the Smith-Rock duo that stole the Oscar.  The show  organizer did not anticipate nor could have orchestrated a more dramatic introduction to its Best Actor Award, which Will Smith won.  If you ask me, Chris Rock probably deserved to get slapped for making fun of Will’s wife, Jada. But doing so in public and in front of a live worldwide audience was probably not a good idea.

What other news caught your attention?


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