Writing Meditation, No, 4

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“When will this end?” I caught myself griping. No matter what I tried, the dark cloud hanging over me would not shake loose. Perhaps I need to crawl into a hole somewhere. Be off-grid, sort of. Not sure if even that will work.  I am the one who couldn’t let go of what’s happening in the world around me.

Besides, running away never seems a good strategy. Deep down, I know the answer to my question is “not in the near future.” I just don’t like to admit that. No. No. Instead, I put forward an alternate version: It will end when we defeat the root of the problems (ie. Covid-19 and Putin).

There lies part of my problem – I can’t control either. So, what can I do? What’s within my sphere of influence? Let me see:

Take care of myself. Knowing the Omicron BA.2 variant is coming, I will make sure that mask, hand hygiene, and social distance are not empty words but my actual behaviors. As a minimum I won’t contribute to the spread of the virus.

Take care of others. I am likely not alone in facing or feeling this depressing mood. Perhaps I can encourage others to better caring for themselves. Taking advantage of the warming weather get outside to take a walk or jog.

Share a more positive message to my family, friends, and community. The common experiences we face connect us emotionally. In that context, we can support each other through this time of need.    

What would you do regarding things that you have no control?

Part 3, here.



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