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A Primer On GDPR

  GDPR stands for general data protection regulation. It is an European Union rule that protects individual privacy by regulating how people’s personal data are used. The rule aims to enhance individuals’ control and rights over their personal data.  Something … Continue reading

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Choose Your Adventure

  At the beginning of this coronavirus pandemic, people were clueless about the virus so they turned to the government or any “authoritative” sources for guidance. Notorious  example includes taking the horse dewomer hydroxychloroquine suggested by former President Trump to … Continue reading

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War Of Attrition

  President Biden asked US Congress for additional $33 billion Ukraine aids. Of which over $20 billion will be for weapons, ammunition, and other military aid, $8.5 billion in direct economic aid to Ukraine’s government, and additional $3 billion humanitarian … Continue reading

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Think Win-win?

  Is win-win possible? Not always. The world as we know it has good and bad people. Within that context, a win-win outcome would not possible – when both the good and bad people win. Sometimes a forced outcome is … Continue reading

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Is Free Speech Really Free?

  Big news about Elon Musk buying the Twitter.  The world’s richest man and a powerful social medium platform, what could possibly go wrong? Mr. Musk wants free speech, including imploring his fieriest critic to stay with the Twitter. However, … Continue reading

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The So-what Test

  The Russian Ambassador to the US compares the US and its allies’ sending arms to Ukraine as “pouring oil on the flame.” Meaning, the addition of military aids from the West inflames the Russia-Ukraine conflict and leads to more … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 Apr 2022

With the ongoing Ukraine war and Coronavirus pandemic, we nevertheless had a news breaking week. And thankfully, it is not all negative. For instance, the beloved Queen Elizabeth II of England had her 96th birthday on Thursday (21 April). This … Continue reading

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Beware Of Emotional Intelligence

  Our world has no shortage of pains and sufferings. In the past, present, and, I am certain, future as well.  So emotional intelligence would seem to be a plus skill. Not so fast. Professor Adam Grant of University of … Continue reading

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In-person Race Now?

  While the weather is getting warmer, more in-person races are happening, Covid-19 pandemic notwithstanding. Are people so raring to go back-to-normal, they are throwing caution to the wind? Case in point, this past Monday, over 25 thousand runners participated … Continue reading

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Ukraine War Update #2 – Mariupol

  Vladimir Putin declares success in taking the Ukraine port city Mariupol in spite of the resistance of the Ukrainian troops that are holding out in a steel plant. Putin needs a victory in his specialized military operation. And taking … Continue reading

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