Week in review – 3 Apr 2022

Like many people, I read news to understand the world around me. To stay connected. Maybe it is my introverted way of maintaining a social connection.  But more often than not, the news reflects what a messy world we live in. 

Now, I understand that business needs to make a living. In addition to reporting what is happening, the media is not immune from sensationalism, like the click bait, to attract  eyeballs. Where is the balance?

To guard against  the hypes, I meditate. It’s my way of keeping my sanity in what seems like a sea of chaos. Does meditation work? Not always.  Not lately anyway.  Nevertheless, I keep on trying to maintain my practice the best I can.  The answer lies within.  It’s up to me to discover how to deep dive into my inner world and find that peace.

The external world can be quite confusing. Logic, emotion, or material fact does not always play out the way I thought.  So questions like might makes right, justice prevails, or boundary matters test my beliefs time and again. What is right or wrong? Sometimes it is difficult to tell from the big news of the day.

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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