Be Kind

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In the short span we have on earth, consider be kind to yourself (foremost) and to others. 

As Professor Omid Safi said, “you never know what battles other are fighting.” Life can be quite messy. So one never knows who can use a dose of courtesy and thoughtful help. It could very well be you the next time.

Often we are own worst critic. We beat ourselves up mercilessly. Even before others say anything. Little do we realize, self compassion is the basis for us to extend the courtesy to others. If we can’t love ourselves, how can we genuinely love others?

Several years back I was in a particularly difficult marathon. Two-third of the way through, I was double over on the side of the course gasping for air. Clearly having a battle of my own. One of the dreadful thoughts was whether I could finish the race.

A runner friend who was later in the pack saw me. He came over, put his hand gently on my back, and asked if I was okay. After I had a chance to catch my breath and recover, he ran along with me to the finish.

It was a kind gesture on his part, and a life-ring to me on that race day.

How would you be kind to yourself? And to others?

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