What Do You Want?

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When I retired and became the Leisure Class, I thought everyday life will be easy. Little did I know, the freedom I have acquired as a leisure class member comes with a precondition: know what you want. Only then can the freedom be one’s equity.

Imaging for a second that you’re retired but don’t know what you want.  You could be in your pajama all day. Eat everything in sight. Watch television, or surf the internet. Life would be marvelous and absolutely wonderful, right? How long do you think that feeling  would last? How long would it take before the freedoms get old?

In other words, to take advantage of the new found freedom, I needed to know what I want.  The typical paradigms of promotion, pay raise, or vacation bonus, no longer fits my situation.  And, my goals had to be updated.

It would be nice, if goals are specific and time bound. But not always.  No need to fret if they are not.  Because, the goals can be either a specific one as in my seeing the Northern Lights or a broad interest as in meditation. Either way will work. 

Lastly, regardless one is retired or not, I recommend taking your time to explore, experiment, and discover subjects of interest to you. This is a high leverage activity. In the long run, it will pay dividend for you.  Enjoy the process.

Do you know what you want? Or how to get them?

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