Reblog: Why Body Intelligence (BQ) and Why Now?

The first thing caught my eyes with this article (link below) was the “BQ” in its title. Being a marathoner, naturally I assumed it was about the Boston Qualifier. And I stand corrected.  Nothing can be further.

The BQ in its title stands for Body Intelligence. Like the more popular IQ and EQ, the BQ is as pertinent if not more to our everyday life. Especially given the Ukraine war and  pandemic, where do we go about finding our bearing?  The article presents a convincing argument to get in touch with our body.

You see, our body speaks to us. Whether it’s hungry, energy, pain, and . . . the list goes on. But how many of us pay attention to it? We take our body for granted and feed it the least  to get by. Junk food, skimping on sleep, ignoring the pain are too familiar shortcuts.

Why should we listen to influencers or advertisers on how to take care our body when we have a first hand & direct access already? Nobody knows our body like we do if only you allow yourself to listen.  By the way, for those who meditates, the BQ is a nice focus area to explore.

Click here for the full article: Why Body Intelligence (BQ) and Why Now? – Foundation for Conscious Living

How good is your BQ?

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