Good News From Capital Hill

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A couple of late breaking news from the Capital Hill today.

The US Senate has confirmed Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson to be the next Supreme Court Justice when Justice Breyer retires in June. Judge Jackson is infinitely qualified and the right person for the job. She was confirmed with a 53-47 vote.

The Congress has approved two bills to remove Russia from our favorable trade status and ban import of its energy products to the US. These two bills are designed to punish Vladimir Putin for his atrocity in Ukraine. The Senate votes were unanimous on both, and the House voted 420-3 and 413-9 respectively.

To me the best part of these decisions, aside from their merits, is the manner they were passed – with a bipartisan support.  It shows the Congress can work together when it needs to, and our democracy still works. Right on.

Do you think the Nov. mid-term elections will change the political balance? 

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