Ukraine War Update – “Phase 2”

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It has been more than one and a half month since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. His original plan of taking over Kyiv and having a quick regime change did not work out (the Ukrainian fought them off).

As a result, the Russian troops have withdrawn from targeting Ukrainian Capital city and is regrouping to focus on the Donbas region in the East Ukraine. This is the so called Phase 2 of the Russian Invasion.

And the war is looking more to be a protracted conflict.

With the crimes committed by the Russian troops against innocent Ukrainian civilians, their atrocities have enraged the international community and deepened the resolve of Ukrainian not to giving in.

When will Putin decide to end this “specialized military operation” is anybody’s guess. But everyday the war lasts, the bad situation gets worse. Not just for the two countries involved but also the rest of the world. A fortunate or unfortunate lesson for us all.

War has always been costly.  With the world tightly integrated, our inter-dependency is unmistakable.  Given the major news and social media have daily coverage on the war development, I will update periodically as situation warrants.

How have you been affected by the Ukrainian war?

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1 Response to Ukraine War Update – “Phase 2”

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I guess all of us are effected by inflation. But other than that, as an American I am not really effected by the war.

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