A Different Real Life?

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In Washington DC today, our temperature hit 86 degree (Fahrenheit).  Compared to only a few days ago when it was in mid-50’s, a jump of 30+ degrees. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, a storm of “hurricane-force winds, intense tornadoes and large hail” swept through the US Midwest wreaking havoc.

Crazy as that may sound, this is what real life about. So I justify.

Unlike the textbook solution, our real life can be quite messy even without the human relationship element. Smooth transition or perfect ending exists few and far in between in the real life.  On top of it, we have the dubious honor to face the chaos, try to sort it out and move on.  

But what amazes me, though, is other entities seem no problem with the the abrupt changes in the weather. The cherry tree on the back of my house blossoms overnight, full of vigor.  So is the grass along with the weeds in my yard spread joyfully, not missing a beat. 

Why are they not bothered by the climate change, weather fluctuation, or global warming?  Is my understanding of the “real life” different from theirs?

How do you figure?

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