Week In Review – 17 Apr 2022


The 126th Boston Marathon is tomorrow, 9 years since the bombing incident. This will be the first race back to its original Spring schedule. Unfortunately, 63 qualified runners from either Russia or Belarus are banned from participating as a result of the sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.

Call it justice or politics? I have a mixed feeling about the ban. I know how much the runners must prepare to qualify for the Boston. Running the marathon is a dream of a lifetime for many and an achievement to celebrate. Due to Putin’s decision, this dream is now taken away. But, for the same reason, many more Ukrainians’ lives have been wiped out.

Personally, I am not ready to participate in any race. Simply, the Covid-19 resurgence has me wearied. Returning to normal when it happens will be a long road ahead including any lessons learned. But I am confident and hopeful that day will come. 

You see, life is filled with uncertainties.  The Pandemic and Ukraine war are such examples. Up to us to overcome the challenges and learn from them. That is our progress and history.  And with the help of technology such as the Big data, we shall manage.

Stay safe & Have a nice week

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