A Windy Morning Run

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The wind was hollering, rattling at my window panes.

On top of that, the windchill made an already cold morning (42 degree Fahrenheit) less inviting. Nevertheless, I bundled up and went for my run anyway. Apparently, the Washington DC area dodged a snowstorm yesterday. And anytime I can beat out the weather for a run is a win in my book.

Armed with gloves, windbreaker, and long pants, I braved myself onward.  Had to stop along the route to blow my nose and wipe my teary eyes from the wind. The gust was strong and merciless. Only to test my will and reward my joy from having completed the run. 

I thought about the Boston Marathon that was held yesterday. Not just about the winners but all the participants. To me, whoever qualified for the Boston is a winner. This includes the 63 runners from Belarus and Russia who were banned from running thanks to Vladimir Putin.     

What better than a windy morning run?  You ask. A hot shower afterward!

What is joy in running for you?

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