Week In Review – 24 Apr 2022

With the ongoing Ukraine war and Coronavirus pandemic, we nevertheless had a news breaking week. And thankfully, it is not all negative. For instance, the beloved Queen Elizabeth II of England had her 96th birthday on Thursday (21 April). This year marks her 70th year on the throne. Hurrah to Her Majesty!

On the flip side, China is having a battle with the Omicron variant of the pandemic in many cities. Certainly poses a test to the Chinese Communist Party’s infamous zero-tolerance policy. Given the virus is apolitical and beyond border, it serves as a serendipitous bench test on the various forms of government’s crisis management.

With a warming trend in the Northern Hemisphere, more US races are back in-person. Regardless of the field size large or small, few participants are wearing masks for precaution against the Covid-19. Maybe because more people are being vaccinated and boosted. Or the therapeutics are available if infected. Regardless, I will pass the races for now.

Without a race goal, I will continue my maintenance run, Spring cleaning, and yoga. All safe and can be done with little risk under the circumstances. Rather safe than sorry. There is no rush. For that I am grateful. Let’s see what the rest of the year brings.

News of the Ukraine war and its impact to the Eastern Europe highlight our world is not all that benevolent. Escalating military operations and information war from both sides will only manipulating folks’ emotion and forcing people to choose side. The world is not black or white nor good versus evil. What alternative, if any, can reach a peace settlement?

Stay safe & have a nice week.

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