The So-what Test

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The Russian Ambassador to the US compares the US and its allies’ sending arms to Ukraine as “pouring oil on the flame.” Meaning, the addition of military aids from the West inflames the Russia-Ukraine conflict and leads to more loses. My first blush response is: No kidding, Sherlock.

Russian is the one invaded Ukraine, and now they are accusing the West being the culprit and trouble makers. This is a Straw man argument – distorting the truth so to shift the attention and blame. The Ambassador’s message, tailored for Russian domestic consumption, is a flagrant deception.

But, it also indicates a weakened Russia. Otherwise, Russia would care less about what the West or any others’ response. It would just take the Ukraine. In a not-so-subtle manner, the US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, declared Russia should be “weakened to the point where it can’t do things like invade Ukraine.”

In comparison, Austin’s statement cuts to the chase. It puts Russia on the spot and confronts Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambition head-on. What I called the so-what test based on strength. Let’s see what does Putin have to say.

What do you think Putin will react?

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