Is Free Speech Really Free?

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Big news about Elon Musk buying the Twitter

The world’s richest man and a powerful social medium platform, what could possibly go wrong? Mr. Musk wants free speech, including imploring his fieriest critic to stay with the Twitter. However, is free speech really free or can it be bought?

You see, Musk, the free spirited entrepreneur, will be forced to take on the governments regarding the Twitter’s role in the midst of the raging information war around the globe. Without modulation, Twitter will be responsible for blending misinformation along with chaos.

Furthermore, not every government takes the Free Speech the same.

For one, China has been known to reach deep into corporate governance in interests related to its Chinese Communist Party. Just ask Jack Ma (Founder of Alibaba). Plus, censorship is guaranteed when contrary to the official CCP positions.

So congratulations to Elon Musk. Hope he is prepared for the costs of his Free Speech.

What do you think will happen to Twitter?

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