Think Win-win?

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Is win-win possible? Not always.

The world as we know it has good and bad people. Within that context, a win-win outcome would not possible – when both the good and bad people win.

Sometimes a forced outcome is by design to promote competition. Examples include election, sports, or other performance-based tasks.  Win-lose is the typical result.

And then, there is lose-lose or compromise, the outcome that is nobody’s favorite.

But what if there is no good or bad people? Only people with different definitions of their win’s.  To wit, a successful sales transaction between the buyer and seller.

Or how about the Olympics?  Sure there are medal winners. But being in the games representing the home country or setting a personal record could be a win, no less. 

So while the win-win is not always possible, we shouldn’t let our filters prevent us from “think win-win.”  As advocated by the late Dr. Stephen Covey, the think win-win could lead to optimal outcome.

What possible outcome do you think the Russia and Ukraine could end up with?


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