War Of Attrition

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President Biden asked US Congress for additional $33 billion Ukraine aids. Of which over $20 billion will be for weapons, ammunition, and other military aid, $8.5 billion in direct economic aid to Ukraine’s government, and additional $3 billion humanitarian and food security needs.

Mr. Biden’s requests reminds me of how during the Cold War the US ground down the Soviet Union by competing on the military spending, the so called Arms race. Which contributed to the economic crisis that ultimately led to the downfall of the Soviet Empire in 1991.

Now, looks like the history is repeating itself. Except, this time the war is fought through Ukraine who has the US and West’s support.  And their sanctions and boycotts will, if not already, cripple the Russian economy. The war only hastens its collapse.   

Do you think the same fate of 31 years ago will happen to Russia? 

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2 Responses to War Of Attrition

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I worry that if things head in that direction this time, Vlad will ask for the launch codes.
    He doesn’t want to be humiliated twice.
    And he seems to be evil enough to do it. I think they call that being a sociopath?


    • terryshen says:

      I hope the Russian Generals will give Putin the poison pill before they give him the launch code for the exact reason you mentioned, Andy. No body in their right mind would follow a sociopath. Right?


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