Choose Your Adventure

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At the beginning of this coronavirus pandemic, people were clueless about the virus so they turned to the government or any “authoritative” sources for guidance. Notorious  example includes taking the horse dewomer hydroxychloroquine suggested by former President Trump to treat the Covid-19.

Now, two plus years and over a million Americans casualties later, the pandemic is still here. Besides vaccination, no new guidance nor assurance can offer people any comfort.  Thus, the pendulum swings the other way: people are choosing their adventure. 

Don’t believe it?  Social distancing – nowhere in sight. Meticulous hand hygiene – out the window. Mask covering – the judge ruled that the CDC over-reached. Misinformation, entrenchment, and cultural wars fill the void.

But in a way, the glass is only half full. As Americans, we rather hold fate in our own hands than be locked down at home by the government as in China. We care more about the war over in Eastern Europe where the Ukrainians are defending democracy against the evil empire. 

Such is our life. Enjoy the weekend.


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