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Last Day Of May

  It is still May, after the Memorial Day, but scorching heat blankets the Washington DC region making it feel more like middle of summer. At least the pools are now open. And kids can take a reprieve from the … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2022

  On this day, we honor the American service members who sacrificed their lives in defense of this country.  It does not matter if they were male, female, LGBTQ. Neither if they were Republicans, Democrats, independents. Pro-life, Pro-choice or others. … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 29 May 2022

Mass shootings happen all too often in America (two in last two weeks). Even though majority of Americans favor some forms of gun control, sadly there is no solution in sight to prevent this type of tragedy from happening again. … Continue reading

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An American Tragedy

  The Texas Elementary School shooting on Tuesday (5/24) left 19 young students and 2 teachers dead. It is difficult for anyone to look at the victims’ pictures and not be moved. Another mass shooting, another gun violence, and all … Continue reading

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Confession Of A Surburbanite

  On the eve of the Memorial weekend, I had to drive the wife into Washington DC for a medical appointment. Normally, this kind of  business can be taken care of nearby. But not today. The only available appointment was … Continue reading

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Increasing Voter Participation?

  Hard to miss the campaign yard-signs proliferating in the communities and along the roadsides. After all, 2022 is a mid-term election year in the US.  While I applaud the enthusiasm of the political campaigns, the real question is how … Continue reading

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Don’t Run Away From Life’s Pain

  Pain is an inevitable fact of life. It is a part of our human experience and comes in many forms: growing pain, pain in giving birth, accident, ailment, loss, and the list goes on. They may seem undesirable on … Continue reading

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Real-Time Analytics In Actions

  When it comes to the Big Data, nothing tickles me more than the real-time analytics. Why? Because its applications in our everyday life illustrate what the power of the Big Data can do for us. Particularly from data generated … Continue reading

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Make Discomfort Your Friend

  We are creatures of habits. With habits, we find comfort in knowing what to do and expect. Comfort makes things easy and us looking for the path of least resistance. But the trouble is that comfort is not going … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 22 May 2022

This week concluded in a heatwave for the Washington DC area, the earliest preview of summer in my recollection. These weather extremes have been happening elsewhere. Now it is our turn to face it. Heeding the warning of excessive heat, … Continue reading

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