Week In Review – 1 May 2022

First, a slight bit of relief from the Mariupol steel plant stand-off.

United Nations and International Committee of the Red Cross were able to evacuate civilians there this weekend. This is after the UN Secretary-General António Guterres met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this week.

The war in Ukraine is in its third month. It is becoming a war of attrition, and the outcome will definitely not be a win-win for anyone. But that did not stop Secretary-General Guterres from think win-win. For that I am grateful, and my hat off to him.

Clearly, Puttin’s objective for Ukraine is shifting. Probably due to the stiff resistance from the Ukrainian people and their resident Zelenskyy in conjunction with the US and West’s support of weapons. The future course albeit unknown is within Putin’s choice.

Is he looking for a graceful way out? Nobody knows.  But the “so-what” test does not play into his favor. Every one chooses their adventure. But a settlement may just be his best bet at this time before he drags Russia into a deeper mess.

One of the freedoms we enjoy is free speech, protected by our Constitution.  But when it comes to our personal data protection, not so much. Isn’t that incredible? Europeans and others are better off with the GDPR.  Isn’t it about time for us to join the club as well?

Stay safe & Have a nice week.

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